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About Us

We are the specialist in automotive engine tuning and electrical systems. We are fully equipped with an industrial grade dynamometer test cell, training/workshop facilities, and range of equipments for tuning

Ryutech Company Limited was established in 2005 first to start trading machine tools. In the late 2017 the direction changes to Embedded Systems and Automotive. We start providing solutions in aftermarket tuning in cooperation with the world’s leading tuning system development company. We offer consults for aftermarket tuning systems and dynamometer test cell design for our clients.

At Ryutech, we are fully equipped with cutting edge tuning systems, industrial grade dynamometer test cell, and full functioning training facility. We are constantly testing and supports the development of new products in cooperation with our partners. We have the first Dyno Developments, UK, dynamometer in Asia, we provides demo, training, and supply dynamometer to our clients. Our training facility is professionally designed, and our training courses are designed in cooperation with Dimsport, Italy.

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