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For more than twenty-five years, Dimsport has been synonymous with high-quality electronic tuning for the Automotive industry worldwide. The Dimsport offer comprises a complete, modular high-tech tuning line for professionals that can be applied to any vehicle. It includes the Race tuning system developed for the electronic recalibration of the Engine Control Unit, an extensive range of add-on modules (Rapid and Rapid Bike) and the Dyno power bench tester line.

New Genius

New Genius is the stand alone device for the serial communication with the Engine Control Unit (ECU), through the vehicle OBDII socket or via specific diagnostic connectors. It does not require connections to a personal computers or laptop for the management of the serial communication: it has never been so simple and immediate to achieve programming operations of the vehicle stock ECU.


New Trasdata

New Trasdata is a unique tool supporting all microprocessors utilized by any kind of vehicles, for reading and programming operations in BDM, BOOT, JTAG, NBD, BAM and GPT mode.
When the ECU microprocessor (CPU) is provided by “anti-tuning” feature, a software patch realised by New Trasdata unlocks the OBDII communication, which is therefore restored and supported.

The list of microprocessors (CPU) now includes:

  • Freescale/ST MPC56xx SPC56x, Freescale/ST SPC5777C, Freescale SPC577M

  • Infineon Tricore, Infineon Tricore Aurix TC2XX

  • Mitsubishi MH72xx, MH82xx

  • Motorola HC12, MC68xxx, MPC5xx, MPC55xx, 

  • Nec 76F00xx

  • Renesas M32R, SH705x, SH725xx 

  • ST Microelectronics ST10xxx

Race EVO

Race EVO is the remapping software developed by Dimsport (available in three different versions STANDARD, PLUS and FULL) allowing the optimization and the recalibration of the relevant engine working parameters stored into the ECU with simple and intuitive operations.

The intention is to support the user in his tuning purposes with a multilevel, professional application, for the development of better engine performances and the reduction of the fuel consumption.

The internal structure of the software collects data and information organizing their visualization in a functional database; a USB logic key (dongle) protects the user against unauthorized access by others.


Rapid Turbo Power Management


Rapid TPM (Turbo Power Management) is DIMSPORT's latest technological innovation. It is a new generation platform that is able to handle turbo-diesel and turbo-petrol engines. The new module is equipped with a microprocessor, FLASH eprom and RAM eeprom so as to gain full control of the relevant pressure sensors; these are also able to control some signals sent from the CAN BUS line of the vehicle's original electronic control units.

All Rapid modules were developed with a view to keeping unchanged the safety and protection features of the original engine control unit, such as the self-adapting functions of the vehicle's electronic system and the monitoring of critical parameters relating to engine function. Some wirings are already designed to work with communication protocol SAE J2716 SENT.

Rapid Bike

Our know-how gathered on the race-track created the technical premises to develop a range of add-on electronic modules for every need: this is the winning background allowing Rapid Bike to be considered as a leader in the field of motorbike engine calibration.

Rapidbike project - developed thanks to preceding experiences gained in the motorbike sector – officially comes to light in 2004 with the objective of offering add-on modules for fast adjustments of the engine management without interventions on the original ECU



Dyno products are diagnostic tools crucial for testing performance of cars, bikes, heavy duty and agricultural vehicles in the safest way.

They are currently supplied to many different users: technical centers for test and certification, repair shops and garages, engine tuning centers and race teams, R&D centers, high schools and Universities, transport ministerial authorities, vehicle manufacturers.


Dimsport - ECU Tuning tools

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