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Engine Tuning


Stage 1

This is the first step that you can take to unlock your engine's power output without needing to install any aftermarket parts.

Good for : Daily driven, Stock parts

Upgrades Needed : -None-

Upgrades Optional : Air filters, Mufflers


Stage 2

Now you want to unlock more power. Engine is being restricted by surrounding parts. There are some modifications needed to unlock more power from the engine. Tuning can be more aggressive.

Good for : Daily driven, Street fun, Track days

Upgrades Needed : Air intake system, Downpipe (High flow CAT or removed), Higher rating spark plugs.

Upgrades Optional : Full exhaust system, Intercooler.


Stage 3

Stock parts are just not enough. You want to gain even more power out of your engine. The car pulls extraordinary. This is a car you want to drive when you want some of that adrenaline rush.

Good for : Track days, Weekend fun, Drag racing

Upgrades Needed : Air intake systems, Full exhaust, Turbo upgrade, Intercooler, Higher rating spark plugs, Injectors, HPFP, LPFP

Upgrades Optional : Pistons, Rods, Radiator


Frequent asked questions on tuning

Does it void warranty ?

Technically, yes. We don't lie to our customers. If you refer to the car owner's manual, tuning will void your warranty.

However in practice, most of the dealerships can not verify if the calibration of the engine (tuning data) has been changed. They rely on live data referencing on standard, such as boost. Unless there is an engine problem, they will not check the engine calibrations.

Can the original settings be restored?

Yes. We keep every customer's stock calibration settings in our database. You can return back to stock anytime.

Will it reduce lifetime of the engine ?

It depends on how much more modifications you do over the stock engine. Some of the engine has a lot of power that can be increased without stressing the components too much, and some is very fragile on specific components. Maintenance is key to prolong the lifetime of your engine.

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