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EGR, CAT, DPF Solutions

Remove the engine power limiting systems


EGR System

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system is designed to recirculate exhaust gas back into intake to re-burn the particulate left in the exhaust gas. This reduces emission.

However the system has a flaw that oil vapor can be condensed in intercooler and intake manifold. This in long term causes the carbon deposit build up in the intake, thus reducing the performance.

DPF sytem

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) system is, like it's name, a particulate filter. The exhaust gas from diesel combustion consists of small to large carbon particles. The DPF system filters the particles before it gets to the environment.

In time, the filter can be clogged even though there is a regeneration (burning the particulate) it can't be cleaned thoroughly.

The system, because it is a filter, it is limiting the exhaust flow, reducing the performance.


CAT system

CAT (Catalytic Converter) system is designed mainly to reduce NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) and CO (Carbon monOxide) emission.

The system itself is long lasting, good for the environment.

However in high power engines, CAT can be limiting factor of the exhaust gas flow.


Frequent asked questions on tuning

Does it void warranty ?

Yes. Modifying the engine components will void warranty on engine.

Will I gain more power if these system removed ?

Removing the systems only means that you have no flow limiting system. If the engine wasn't limited by these system, removing alone won't increase any power. A tuned engine is more likely to gain more power.

Will it make the engine cleaner ?

Yes. Removing these systems makes intake air cleaner input into the engine. However the exhaust has more pollution. Clean in does not equal clean out.

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