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From street to motorsports


Engine Tuning

Our tuning service is the most complete. Whether you want a standard tune, or customized tune. Remap, Standalone, and Motorsports.


EGR, CAT, DPF removal service

We have the solution for your EGR, CAT, or DPF system tat is limiting your performance. A malfunction systems can be solved with removing the system too.

Emtron install

Standalone engine control

You have specific needs or functions you want your engine to perform. We can help you with the standalone solution to run your engine with

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Cleaned injectors

Pre-tune Maintenance

Mainly checkup of your engine's health before going up for the tune.

Engine oil, Spark plugs, and Injectors are important to gain the most power out of your engine.

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ECU probing

ECU Repairing

Whether the ECU is hardware or software damaged, we can analyze if it can be fixed.

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