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Dyno rental

Tune on our most capable Dynamometer. Or just come in for a graph for your car/bike/kart!

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Dyno features


Dyno Developments UK

We use Dyno Developments straight from the UK. The dyno is eddy-braked quad roller with low intertia. The accuracy is sport on!

eddy brake.jpg

German brake testing up to 1,200 HP

We can run from 2 HP to 1,200 HP on 2WD. That should covers most of the builds. With 600 Nm constant steady state holding torque.


All information in one screen

When tuning, you don't need to switch back and forth from tuning screen to graph screen. All of the information you need is there. We have built in A/F controller, Boost gauge, and Knock detection in real time log for every run.

drive cycle.PNG

Drive cycle analysis

This is for researchers. If you have a test plan for the car, whether to test for emission, fuel consumption, or anything you need for your research, we have this function that can guide you through the test plan.

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