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HTG Tuning

The Most Powerful automatic transmission STANDALONE solution!

HTG Tuning

Innovations for AUTOMOTIVE industry

We are passionate about both MOTORSPORT and ELECTRONICS. Delivering innovative solutions for professional and hobby usage is our goal. Our products and services takes your car to the next level!

Our flagship product is HTG GCU which is a fully standalone Gearbox Control Unit. Capable of controlling multiple types of transmissions like DCT, DSG, PDK, hydraulic TCC, GTronic and others!

HTG tuning Gearbox Control Unit

To unleash transmission’s full potential HTG GCU entirely replaces stock TCM. Full control takes performance and drivability to a whole new level!

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One unit to rule them all…

Each HTG GCU has the same features. There are no extra cost features.
GCU can control multiple types of transmissions including: DCT (BMW), DSG (VW), any Hydraulic with Torque Converter like 8HP, 6HP, GTronic (MB), NAG, PDK (Porsche), and others.

Easy configuration

We’ve designed very easy and friendly Tuning Suite allowing user to quickly and intuitively setup GCU to work with chosen transmission and ECU. With sets of predefined base maps its as easy as it could ever be!

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ZF 6 HP / 8 HP

Getrag 7 DCT BMW

Volkswagen DSG

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