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Bosch MG1 & MD1 ECU locked from 2020

Starting from summer 2020, the MD1, MG1, EDC17 and MEVD17control units produced by Bosch could be equipped with a new firmware that makes them inaccessible.

What do they look like? Here is a picture of a MD1 ecu:

Mercedes MD1 ECU

Why is it a problem? Can you just downgrade the firmware to make it before 2020?

This causes us tuners a problem because we won't be able to tune it, yet. The firmware fix is at the low level Bosch bootloader, meaning that it CANNOT be downgrade nor removable.

MG1/MD1 and MEVD17 affect these brands

For BMW and MINI; B38, B48, B58, N47, S55, S63 are affected.

Mercedes such as 55AMG.

What does this leaves us with?

For now, on the tuning side, we can only manipulate the sensors using piggyback module. Until the new bootloader can be cracked, this is the only option.

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