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ECU Master Black

ECU Master Black


The EMU Black is a class-leading, stand-alone engine management system, designed to operate the most advanced and complex engines available. It is a successor of our proven system, EMU. Throughout EMU’s lifetime we collected lots of data that allows us to substantially improve the device hardware and software.


EMU Black targets race cars, road cars, motorcycles, boats, and stationary engine applications.

The EMU Black controls fueling, ignition and auxiliary systems on 1-12 cylinder engines including those with drive-by-wire throttles and VVT.


It can drive up to 6 passive or 12 smart coils directly and does not require external amplifier/power modules to achieve this. Sophisticated drive-by-wire strategies provide a wide range of throttle control along with advanced plausibility (fault/error) checking for safety.



Injector outputs6 protected outputs 5A, low side
Ignition outputs6 outputs 7A(15A peak) (passive & active coils supported)
Aux outputs6 protected outputs 5A, low side
Other outputsFull bridge up to 7A, can be used as separate outputs or 2 H-Bridges
WBO heaterProtected low side up to 5A
CommunicationSerial, CAN BUS 2.0B



Analog inputs9 inputs, resolution 10Bits, 0-5V (protected)
EGT inputs2 for K-Type thermocouple
Knock sensor2 inputs
Oxygen sensorLSU 4.2, LSU 4.9 or Narrow band
Trigger inputs3 (primary, 2 cams) Hall/ VR software selectable
VSS1 (Hall / VR)
Flex Fuel SensorYes
Switch inputs3 inputs, switched to ground



Temperature sensorsIAT, CLT, Oil temperature, AC evap temperature
Pressure sensorMAP, Oil pressure, Fuel pressure (user defined characteristic), AC pressure sensor, Back pressure
Oxygen sensorLSU 4.2 or 4.9 (built in controller), Narrow band, external WBO controllers
SpeedVehicle speed sensor (VR/HALL), Gear sensor (sensor, calculated)



InjectorsUp to 8 HiZ injectors (sequential)
Injection angle control0-720 deg, start or end of injections
Battery compensationUser defined, wizard for popular injectors
Fueling strategiesVE based speed density, Alpha N
Air charge temp.Based on IAT and CLT
VE table2 tables 16×20 (Load x RPM), resolution of 0.1%
Individual cylinder trimYes
Staged injectionYes
Additional correctionOxygen sensor corrections, EGT correction (per cylinder), BARO, TPS vs MAP, TPS vs RPM, Warmup, Nitrous, LC, ALS, ASE, Fuel pressure, Knock sensor
Lambda based real time correctionUsing Lambda target table
Acc. / Deceleration enrichmentYes



Ignition outputs6 for passive and active coils (software selectable)
Supported triggersN-1, N-2, N-3, N+1, Multitooth, Subaru triggers, Nissan trigger, Lotus Elise, Audi trigger, Renault Clio Wiliams / Alpine, Colt 1.5CZ, Wrangler
Ignition angle table2 tables 16×20 (Load x RPM), resolution of 0.5 Deg
Per cylinder trimYes
Dwell time battery compensationUsed defined,  wizard for popular coils
Odd fire compatibilityApplication dependent
Additional correctionCLT, IAT, TPS vs MAP, Nitrous,  Idle, Knock sensor, LC, Pit limiter, ALS, Flat shift, Timers, Acc. enrichment

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